Column Pipes

Column Pipes

  • Advanced machinery handling systems.

    Advanced machinery handling systems.

  • Every batch of products lab tested

    Every batch of products lab tested

  • 100% finished goods inspection.

    100% finished goods inspection.

  • Advanced machinery for superior quality.

    Advanced machinery for superior quality.

  • Quality parameters are same for
domestic and export supplies

    Quality parameters are same for domestic and export supplies

uPVC Column Pipes

AKG uPVC Column Pipes are specially designed for submersible pumps. These uPVC Column Pipes blend the perfect combination of technology and quality that guarantees a long hassle-free performance. These uPVC Column Pipes are a perfect replacement of galvanized steel pipes used for column application. Stringent quality is checked at every stage of production and ensuring the highest standards, which forms the ball mark of these uPVC Column Pipes.

We offer a quality imbibed range of uPVC Column Pipes that have minimum frictional losses and thus save the pumping cost. These are widely reckoned by our clients for its features such as corrosion resistant, easy to install and light weight.

Size (inch) Size(mm) Class Type Pressure (kg/cm 2) Std. Pkg. (No. of Length) Screen Colour
1 33 ECO Bell 12.5 35 Orange
ECO COUPLER 12.5 35 Orange
ECO 15 30 Purple
MED 21 30 Green
STD 30 25 Red
11/4" 42 ECO Bell 12.5 25 Orange
ECO COUPLER 12.5 25 Orange
ECO 15 25 Purple
MED 21 25 Green
STD 25 25 Red
11/2" 48 ECO COUPLER 15 20 Purple
MED 21 20 Green
STD 26 20 Red
2" 60 ECO COUPLER 8 15 Purple
MED 13 15 Green
STD 20 15 Red
Heavy 27 15 Black
21/2 75 MED COUPLER 10 10 Green
STD 16 10 Red
Heavy 26 10 Black
3" 88 MED COUPLER 11 5 Green
STD 17 5 Red
Heavy 26 5 Black
4" 113 MED COUPLER 10 5 Green
STD 15 5 Red
Heavy 26 5 Black


Bi-axial orientation during column pipe extrusion AKG Group has developed a unique Bi-axial orientation technique used during pipe extrusion, which gives higher drop impact and notch impact strength to the pipes. This orientation technique is a result of constant Research and Development at AKG Group



Patent registered in India The joint of pipes have been specially designed with square threads & rubber rings to ensure proper gripping, no chance of slipping & 100% leak proof joint. These threads are high friction threads on load, which do not open even on constant forward and reverse torque generated by starting & stopping -----. They are made on specially imported CNC machines with special tools to ensure perfect dimensions and good & easy ALL threads checked thoroughly with special gauges to ensure 100% accuracy.


Thick and Thin

Special thick & thin construction of pipes: This special technique for making pipes thicker in the threading portion end to compensate for material removal due to threads is an innovation made only by AKG.This technique saves on the raw material consumption and at the same time provides much higher strength to the pipes


Special Formulation

AKG high tensile. High impact column pipes are made with specially designed formulation, so that pipes are capable of handing both internal hydrostatic pressure as well as huge vertical tensile load on the pipes due to the column and pump weight. The special formulation ensures that the threads do not get brittle and break/chip even after loosening and tightening several times during the life span. Special raw materials are used in very well defined processing techniques to make these pipes.


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