PVC Cable Duct

First, you have to know that what is PVC Wiring Duct and why it is mandatory to construct in your home? So it is usually used for electrical purposes which are also known as the electrical piping system. In this electronic industry is depending on the construction industry which can provide a safe route for the underground route for electric wiring.


Generally PVC Wiring Duct or Channel is done by the electricians once the route gets constructed, a common material used for the electric conduit task such as metal, fired clay, fiber, and plastic. But now concrete is becoming popular among the people it is because concrete has some advantages when you talk about durability, but something is missing and we should know how the system is working?


Underground cable ducting and troughs have been benefiting to the railway companies, roads, and other power industries, these underground wire and cable has a larger diameter and it can be installed underground between two buildings. The collection of these conduits is known as duct bank which may be actually inside of the ground or inside of the concrete base but in this main question is that what is the advantage of using concrete duct bank?

Advantages of PVC Wiring Duct


Easy replacement of the damaged cables

The advantage of is that it allows the easy replacement of the damaged cables between the buildings in which do not have to excavate the entire trench of the buildings. Generally, electricians use the PVC and plastic used for the cable and concrete purpose, despite the fact is that they are unreliable and cheap. There are some other advantages of using the concrete cable ducting.

Non-conductive towards the electricity

Besides all this, there is an advantage of easy accessibility the project of the cable ducting is also affordable. It is completely non-conductive towards the electricity and it is resistance towards the chemicals. When electricians use the concrete at the time of ducting then the cables of the operation are buried in the depth so that they are completely safe from the weather changes at the time of seasons changing. Sometimes when there is a temperature of very hot and cold it does not affect it, because it is protected underground from everything which happens on the surface of the earth.


It is good to say that concrete is highly durable which is more than plastic or steel. The method of the ducting provides the splicing and it also allows the easy update of the system. It also helps the companies to enhance the power as well as with the sorts of the cable such as pneumatic cable or the fiber optic. One of the best qualities of concrete is its adaptability.

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