SWR Pipes and Fittings Manufacturer

SWR stands for the soil, water, and rain and is same just like a PVC piping system. These types of pipes are generally used in soil and waste discharge system and thus helps in discharging the waste of the building such as rainwater and ventilations.

In the market, users can explore wide ranges of plumbing products which can be easily used in the public sector like housing, and industrial. Manufacturers built with a system of the solvent weld and push-fit options for perfect use in the soil, waste, and rainwater drainage. The design of these types of pipes is equipped with one end socket and on the other side plain which makes pipes comfortable fit and thus does not require couplers.

The pipes also have tough and reliable leakage proof joints to prevent leakage issue. These pipes also consist of the yellow seal which has plastic reinforced with a rubber ring which makes pipes 100 % leak-proof with high tendency.

These kinds of pipes are manufactured with a range of 40mm to 160mm and the length of the pipes is generally of 2, 3, 4, and 6 meters and is generally grey in color. These pipes are consists of PVC wiring duct for perfect working.

Features of SWR Pipes

These types of pipes are equipped with many benefits and make itself great for using the drainage system.

Light In Weight

The low weight of pipes makes the installation process easy and quick. By using these pipes during the installation process operators do not face any query and injury.

Even transportation charges are very low due to its lightweight. This makes pipes suitable and reasonable for installation in every space.

Safe Material

The material of pipes is formed with non-toxic and safe material. Hence pipes are durable and could be used for long run. Due to this feature, SWR pipes possess long life as replacing them every time is not easy.


These types of pipes are so reliable that they can’t catch fire easily. These pipes are generally equipped with ignition sources due to which they do not get burnt. The temperature of the pipe is 4500 Celsius which makes them perfect at high temperature.

Fewer Joints

SWR pipes are at a length of 6m which decreases the numerous joints in the pipes. The pipes consist of fewer joints which makes them efficient. Also the installation process easy and quick. This also helps in absolutely no leakage issues.

Benefits of using SWR pipes


  • The maintenance cost of pipes is free.


  • The fitting of pipes is of a high standard.


  • These types of pipes are rust and corrosion-proof.


  • The installation process of pipes is fast and easy due to its lightweight.


  • The pipes are chemical resistance.


  • The pipes are also available in attractive color steel grey.


  • These types of pipes also resist rust when installed outside.


  • The design of pipes is made with twin-screw technology and molding technology.

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